Minnesota Lawmakers Prepare Bill to Counter Sec. of State Amendment Title Change


CBS Minnesota:

Gov. Mark Dayton is considering a special legislative session for state aid to flood-weary northeastern Minnesota. But some lawmakers are talking about adding another item to the agenda, that could revive two of the most controversial issues of the last decade.

It’s a call to arms for irritated Republican lawmakers. They’re preparing legislation to stop Secretary of State Mark Ritchie from changing the wording for the gay marriage and voter ID amendments on the ballot this fall.

Republicans say the new wording on the constitutional amendments is a deliberate attempt to turn voters against them. And they are preparing to pass a new law to stop it from happening.

“If the governor wants to call a special session, then game on,” said Sen. Sean Nienow, R-Cambridge. “If the Secretary of State wants to play political games, then let’s engage.”