235 Republicans & 17 Democrats Vote to Prevent Violations of DOMA


The Hill:

The House has approved an amendment to the 2013 defense spending bill that would prohibit the Department of Defense from using any money in the bill to violate the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). 

The amendment, from Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), was approved 247-166, one of dozens of amendments the House was considering before approving the entire bill late Thursday night. The amendment was supported by 17 Democrats, and just five Republicans opposed it.

King said the language, similar versions of which have passed the House before, is needed because of President Obama's growing support for same-sex marriage. King said that support is permeating the federal government.

... DOD issued memos last year saying certain military facilities might be used for same-sex marriage, and that military chaplains may officiate in same-sex marriages. King said those policy changes violate DOMA, under which the federal government recognizes marriage as being between a man and a woman.

"Pretty simple statute being contravened by the directives of the president of the United States as exercised through the secretary of Defense," King said.