Washington State Blogger: New Poll Looks Bad for Gay Marriage


Dominic Holden is a pro-SSM blogger who is deeply concerned by the new SurveyUSA poll showing barely a majority support redefining marriage -- and as we know, redefining marriage always loses support when citizens are finally given the privacy of the voting booth:

I've heard lots of people say recently that passing gay marriage this fall is going to be an easy-peasy slam dunk. Think again. Even though US voters are increasingly supportive of marriage equality and even though our legislature passed it fairly easily last winter, the latest polling from SurveyUSA shows only 50 percent of voters in Washington State support it:

This is not good. Going into an election with less than 55 percent support is considered a dicey gamble. But the poll released this week shows gay marriage doesn't even have a majority of support, which means that opponents need only keep the 7 percent of undecided voters afraid and peel off a fraction of support to defeat the measure in November. And while other polls have shown it doing slightly better—ranging from 47 percent to 54 percent—all of them show losing would be easy. After all, in Maine in 2009, marriage equality was narrowly leading in the polls before being defeated by a six-point margin on election day.

If the pro-SSM side is worried these means the pro-marriage side should be encouraged. Winning for marriage is possible if the needed resources and volunteers are brought together. Find out what you can do to help at PreserveMarriageWashington.