More Gay Marriage Supporters Disagreeing With Chick-fil-A Boycott


Alexandra Petri, who is pro-SSM, writes in the Washington Post:

"...Just because people disagree with you, believe things you personally find hateful and make statements that curdle your innards, does not make them incapable of excellence. In fact, those qualities go hand in hand rather more often than one would like. Look at almost anyone who made anything beautiful ever. If the Victorians could still read Greek philosophy while intensely disapproving of the philosophers’ personal lives — and we now consider the Victorian era to be benighted and repressed — surely we can do people the same courtesy. 

Judge the sandwich by the sandwich.

Judging people by anything other than what they are capable of always leads to bad places. Mores change. What society accepts is changing all the time. But art and sandwiches endure. Would you rather have the most skilled surgeon with the steadiest hands or the one who votes the way you vote?"