Gay Couple Pays $1,000 to Try to Ban Chick-Fil-A From Mountain View, CA


Tolerance for me but no Chikin for thee?

"...LGBT activists have successfully blocked a Chick-fil-A from coming into town, at least temporarily.

Photo: Steve Webel

Turned off by the company's anti-gay reputation, area resident David Speakman posted an online petition on fundraising site WePay looking to gather the $1,000 necessary to lodge a zoning challenge to stop the franchise from moving in.

... "It could be Mother Teresa that owns it, and it would be a bad place," Speakman told the San Francisco Chronicle. "But because it was a bunch of bigots, it gave us an extra nudge."

In 2008, Speakman and his husband Richard were the first gay couple in Santa Clara County to be legally married.

"We're pro-business and pro-growth, but businesses that move here have to reflect our community," Speakman added to the Palo Alto Daily News. "If they're going to be offensive to our friends and family who happen to by gay or lesbian, we're going to look at them a little bit harder and make sure they follow the rules." -- The Huffington Post