NewsBusters: Kirk Cameron Protest Dwarfed by 12,000 Supporters


Taylor Hughes of NewsBusters:

If the left’s response to Chick-fil-A proves anything, it’s that the left has a clear method of attacking anyone who supports a traditional definition of marriage. Label that person a bigot and then protest everything they do.

This of course is the same plan of action applied to actor Kirk Cameron. During his 'Love Worth Fighting For' conference held in Ocean City, N.J., July 27, over 6,000 married couples showed up seeking counsel on how to better their marriages. Instead they found themselves the target of a protest launched by Ocean City's LGBT community, Ocean Grove United.

But the protesters were protesting an event that had nothing to do with same-sex marriage. In a statement emailed to The Christian Post, a spokesman from the event stated that the sole focus was on “strengthening marriage” and the event “had nothing to do with gay marriage.”

When Cameron found out the group was going to be protesting he extended an offer stating, "I think everyone who comes to the 'Love Worth Fighting For' event in Ocean Grove or anywhere else we do this event will feel nothing but welcomed”. Instead the group declined his offer and stood outside with posters reading “"Kirk! Your Words Hurt Us!”