Rush Limbaugh on Reveling in the Chick-fil-A Revolution


He says:

"... So P. J. Gladnick is who wrote this for NewsBusters, and basically Sally Quinn is recommending that gays and lesbians infiltrate Chick-fil-A restaurants to the point where they become gay hangouts, to such an extent that even gay weddings would be performed there.  This is what Sally Quinn is urging in her On Faith blog at the Washington Post. Now, if you think that recommendation's absurd beyond belief, you won't be alone.

... But this is what she's suggesting, and it's an indication of how they were thrown for loops yesterday.  You're not supposed to be reminded of numbers like this.  And you're not supposed to be reminded of energy like this.  This was, as much as anything, a huge realization of where momentum is in this country, and where it isn't, and you're just not supposed to illustrate that. It's just not supposed to happen.  But the hatred, I mean the vile, disgusting hatred that comes from people on the left.

Nobody at Chick-fil-A did anything to anybody yesterday.  Nobody hurt anybody. Nobody raised anybody's taxes. Nobody said nobody couldn't do anything yesterday, just went in there and patronized the place to show solidarity, and that's got people all upset. So, just keep a sharp eye.