Brian Brown on How Same-Sex Marriage Will Help Determine the Election


Our president Brian Brown talks to John Roberts of Fox News:

"..."Key Democratic constituencies do not support same-sex marriage," said Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage.  "And I think that you are going to see a real lack of support for President Obama from them and then folks in the middle."

Romney may be angling for some of those votes. But while some conservatives are still anxious over where he actually stands, NOM's Brian Brown needs no convincing.

"If you go back to Massachusetts, people say no, no he wasn't strong on the issue", Brown told Fox News. "If you actually look at what he did, he stood up for a state constitutional amendment.  He fought so that the people could vote."

... On the campaign trail, Romney doesn't talk much about the issue, leaving statements of "support for traditional marriage" to significant speeches like his appearances at Liberty University and the NAACP convention. Brown appreciates the support, though he wishes Romney -- and his fellow Republicans -- would talk more about it.

"There are plenty of Republican strategists in this town -- inside the Beltway that want to run from this issue. They think it is too divisive. They don't want to bring it up -- they don't want to talk about it," he told Fox News.

Brown is determined to make same-sex marriage a major issue in the fall campaign.  Ironically, it may be the split in the Democratic Party that fuels the debate more than anything Republican candidates are planning.