Rush Limbaugh: "On November 6th, Obama's Gonna Get Chick-fil-A'd Himself."


Rush Limbaugh on Chick-fil-A Day:

"...Let me tell you something.  I am being bombarded with e-mail from my website account, the Rush 24/7 member e-mail, with stories just like the one you're telling from all over this country about how crowded the Chick-fil-As are, about how long the lines are.  Get this, Jay, I just got an e-mail from a guy who said where he lives, that on the sign at the neighboring Wendy's, it says, "Today go to Chick-fil-A."  I don't know where this is, but I'll bet it's not the only example of it.  A local Wendy's is telling it's customers, "Today, we think you should go to Chick-fil-A," or something like that.  You know, it's happening all over, and it's political.

... I'll tell you what's gonna happen on November 6th, Obama's gonna get Chick-fil-A'd himself.  He's gonna get Chick-fil-A'd, and, folks, pictures continue to come in, and I'm asking myself, where are the news media satellite trucks today?  Where are all the man-on-the-street news reports of this?  I wonder if your local news will cover this tonight at 5 and 11, amidst all the murders and blood and everything else they cover, government corruption.  Wait, they don't talk about -- never mind.  But I'm just wondering, I mean, this is a major, major event. "

Update -- here is the full audio: