Forbes Columnist: Chick-fil-A May Have Booked Over $100 Million Yesterday


Derek Broes of

"...So, how was the chicken? Amazing! Now I know why people love this place. The store was run extremely well. Clean, polite and efficient. The staff brought water to those in line, they handed out umbrellas for protection from the sun and they served delicious food quickly. This has been replicated across the nation. This huge one day movement involving millions of supporters made their opinions heard and voted with their money and presence. It has been estimated that the chain will have booked almost $100 million or more just today.

When I returned home I turned on the news to see how this would be reported. NBC in Los Angeles chose to focus on the protesters. Not the ones supporting Chick-Fil-A but, the ones protesting the supporters. The protesters are a tiny fraction to the supporters yet the media focused 90% of their attention on those few. This does not represent the truth of the actual event. The meme from the anti-Chick-Fil-A groups proclaim that opposition to gay marriage is anti-gay."

Pastor Rick Warren, according to the Weekly Standard, tweeted on Wednesday: "Dan Cathy just called me. ChickfilA has already set a world record today, with 7 more hrs to go in the West."