Would You Look to a Food Company for Relationship Advice?


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

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Since announcing their opposition to the Minnesota marriage amendment, General Mills has been pretty quiet on the issue of marriage. Apparently, they are content to have said their piece and to have allowed detractors to use their name and prestige to oppose the amendment, while sitting quietly on the side hoping that the furor will die off. That may soon begin to change.

General Mills has launched a new website, in cooperation with America Online and Everyday Health, hosted and staffed by the liberal Huffington Post news site. General Mills' new website, called Live Better America, will offer what you might expect: recipes, nutrition and healthy eating tips from General Mills designed to appear "authentic" (read: "we want readers to believe these are real articles, not an advertising effort designed to boost our sales and products").

Why would a company do this? The Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal asked that very question of General Mills. The response was that General Mills wanted to expand beyond food into lifestyle issues. The General Mills blog gives additional information that should give us pause: in addition to things like recipes, healthy eating, fitness and diet and nutrition—things you would expect a food company to cover—the site will cover mind and body issues and relationships. Look for these lifestyle, mind and body, and relationship articles to start off in a very benign manner (who thinks we don't need a little more exercise?), but expect before long a transition into a renewed effort pushing for the redefinition of marriage and family in subtle and not so subtle ways.

What does this mean for us? Our campaign targeting General Mills' meddling in this contentious and highly important issue is not even close to being over! We need to keep up the pressure and let the company know that consumers will not tolerate being made pawns in General Mills' political games.

What you can do this week!

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