Gay Dating Site Creates Billboards Showing Conservative Politicians in Same-Sex Weddings


The Advocate (a gay newspaper):

The idea makes the head spin: Mitt Romney marrying Donald Trump. Michele Bachmann marrying Sarah Palin. And President Obama officiating at both weddings.

Dating website has launched a campaign featuring the “weddings,” with actors portraying the famous politicos, to publicize its new gay and lesbian versions, and After a billboard company rejected the images, put up “censored” versions, with outlines only, this week in cities including Clearwater, Fla., and West Hollywood, with the full versions on mobile billboards in New York City and on the company’s website.

“This is a national campaign championing equal rights for the LGBT community and pledging support in a colorful way,” said Greg Hodge, Beautiful People’s managing director, in a press release. “Through a humorous campaign we wanted to showcase how many of our political heavyweights are living in the last century.” For every membership to the gay and lesbian sites, Beautiful People will donate 15% of the fee to a nonprofit championing marriage equality.