WaPo: Obama’s Gay Marriage Support Fails to Sway Americans


The Fix's Aaron Blake:

Americans remain just as divided on gay marriage as they were before President Obama’s announcement in early May he now publicly supported it.

The Pew Research Center poll shows views of gay marriage remain basically unchanged since April, right before Obama announced his support for gay marriage — a reversal from his past public opposition. Support has gone from 47 percent to 48 percent since April, while opposition ticked up from 43 percent to 44 percent. Neither is even close to statistically significant.

And despite the Democrats’ move to add gay marriage to their party platform at the upcoming Democratic National Convention, many in the party remain opposed to such a move.

... For now, though, it remains a very divisive issue and a potentially contentious one at the Democratic National Convention — if, that is, the one-third of Democrats who oppose gay marriage elects to take a stand. Fully 14 percent of Democrats say they are “strongly opposed” to gay marriage, which suggests there is a significant group that could raise a ruckus.