Canadian Schools Teaching 8-Year-Olds There Are Six Genders Without Parental Permission


Dr. Charles McVety, President of the Institute for Canadian Values writes in the Canadian Times:

The Newly proposed, Ontario curriculum, which teaches six genders (male, female, transgendered, transsexual, two-spirited and inter-sexed) is being taught by teaches in Toronto schools and is confusing to our children. Our precious, impressionable little boys and girls, as young as eight years old, are forced to “role play opposite (gender) roles” and even search images of Pride Week.  The curriculum is mandatory without parental notice or option to withdraw their children.

Last year, parents voiced their concern over this same material.  The Premier promised to withdraw the program.  Instead the Ministry of Education transferred the teaching to another department, refaced the curriculum and belligerently continued to teach this special interest material.  The Ministry admonishes teachers “to address controversial issues” even in the face of “negative parent response”.  Teachers are further warned if they omit any of the curriculum then they will be guilty of “foster(ing) a poisoned environment”.  The fact that they include such a statement means that the Ministry knows that parents are upset but just don’t care.

Would you teach your eight-year-old child, six genders and to question his or her gender?  If not then your home is a “poisoned environment” according to the reasoning of Ontario’s Ministry of Education.