NOM BLOG News: Can Same-Sex Marriage Sink a Multi-National Icon?


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Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day saw millions of people patronizing Chick-fil-A in support of Dan Cathy's freedom of speech and his standing up for traditional marriage. It was a major victory for the cause of marriage, because it helped to dispel the myth that same-sex marriage is inevitable, and also because it helped supporters of traditional marriage realize that we do not stand alone—regardless of how the main stream media may portray the situation.

In response to this victory for marriage, same-sex marriage advocates planned "National Kiss-In Day"" at Chick-fil-A. The results were predictable enough: It failed miserably.

Failing to learn from their mistake, same-sex marriage advocates promptly tried again, scheduling "National Starbucks Appreciation Day"" for Tuesday, August 7, 2012. But before this day even occurred, it was renamed as "National Marriage Appreciation Day""—because (and here is where it gets really interesting), Starbucks contacted the organizers and asked that they include other companies!

This is from the National Marriage Equality Day Facebook page: "This expansion of focus is the result of the direct encouragement of Starbucks Corporate Headquarters who wanted other equality-minded companies and organizations to share in the appreciation.""

Now, I don't know about you, but this does not sound like a company that wants to publicize its relationship with the same-sex marriage movement. To me, this sounds like a company that is on the ropes and fears a public relations nightmare. Let's be charitable and assume that the U.S. public is split 50-50 on marriage. (Really, I think support for traditional marriage is a good bit higher, but let's use the 50-50 number for argument's sake.) Even assuming this overestimated level of support for same-sex marriage, who would want a movement that treats a priest like this to be trumpeting their brand as a national ally?


Do you think Starbucks would want to tell every social conservative in the United States about supporting something that they don't, particularly after the company's reputation has already taken a hit amongst Republicans and the company has missed its own sales forecasts?

So, Starbucks continues to pull back from their support for same-sex marriage, telling the Christian Post that "Starbucks as a company has not contributed to any cause supporting same-sex marriage in Washington State and has no plans to." To be certain, Starbucks has not retracted their corporate position in support of same-sex marriage; but now it is clear that they aren't jumping at the opportunity to publicize and take action in connection with their new policy, either.

What you can do this week:

Are you active in local Republican party politics? Do you join other conservatives in TEA party meetings? Consider sharing an informational flyer with them at your next meeting. If you are not active in these circles, consider stapling the flyer on a community bulletin board around town or at your church. Be sure to follow all local rules when posting a flyer on a public bulletin board, but please do help us get the word out however you can!

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