Prop 8 Opponents React to NOM’s Prop 8 coverage


After the Prop 8 oral arguments on December 6th, I told you how Judge Reinhardt had called out Ted Olson and David Boies on their tactical maneuvers designed to prevent Judge Walker’s Prop 8 ruling from ever being reviewed by a higher court – and how Olson and Boies are desperate to keep the Ninth Circuit limited to Judge Walker’s unbelievably biased findings of "fact." That’s one of our important roles here at NOM – making sure you get the full story, and not just the edited version the New York Times wants you to read.

But apparently Olson and Boies didn’t appreciate the truth.

The American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER) – the name chosen by the Hollywood insiders who teamed up with Olson and Boies to bring the Prop 8 lawsuit – is sending a fundraising email around to its supporters, calling on them to "fight back against NOM’s discriminatory and divisive efforts to uphold Prop 8."

And get this, AFER, a group backed by millions from Hollywood insiders, is worried over our current $1 Million Marriage Challenge Campaign! They know our track record – that we were the largest single donor to the Prop 8 campaign, and have committed at least $1 million to protect Prop 8 in court. And they know we don’t have to match their millions dollar for dollar. As long as we have the resources to keep on fighting and make sure the truth is heard, we can be confident that truth and love will ultimately prevail.

Thanks to your support this past year, we see many amazing opportunities on the horizon in 2011. Opportunities to roll back same-sex marriage in New Hampshire and Iowa. To pass marriage amendments in states like Minnesota, Indiana and Pennsylvania. And so much more.

With your help, NOM will be there every step of the way. Getting you the unvarnished truth on what’s going on. Defending Prop 8 all the way to the Supreme Court. Lobbying for marriage in statehouses and local legislative offices, and reaching out to grassroots supporters who are not yet involved in this nationwide struggle to protect marriage.

Will you join us today? Your financial gift this time of year will mean so much as we look to make 2011 our most successful year yet!