Anderson Cooper's Ridiculist!


It's so funny.  Anderson Cooper tries to make fun of Dr. Jennifer Roeback Morse for saying she wore a rainbow scarf to the Prop 8 trial to show that gay rights groups don't own the rainbow.

Funny,  Cooper doesn't show a clip of Dr. Jennifer Roeback Morse actually saying anything, because that would just point out that she's cheerfully saying exactly what he's saying: "Nobody owns the rainbow!"

I bet Anderson Cooper, who I actually often enjoy watching because he often strives to be fair,  didn't even look at the video of Jenny's remarks, he probably just trusted his staff's inaccurate and silly micharacterizations that fit  their personal stereotype of what such a person would say.

Nothing like making up angry right-wing straw men (or women!) and then knocking them down.

Jenny's a great communicator.  Musn't let her voice appear on your show.  Better to just to make ridiculist claims.