Politico: Marriage Advocate Pleads for Civility


Politico reports on Brian Brown's appearance on CNN this morning:

Yesterday’s shooting at the conservative Family Research Council in downtown Washington, D.C., is symptomatic of a broader lack of civility in political discourse, the head of an organization promoting traditional marriage said Thursday.

“[The] responsibility is on the shooter but we need to have a civil debate over issues like redefining marriage,” said Brian Brown, the president of the National Organization for Marriage, appearing on CNN’s Early Start. “But we should not be attacking and labeling as hate groups those [with which] we disagree. We should condemn violence of any sort but we should also be responsible.”

He singled out the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“[When] you take the Family Research Council, which is again a mainstream group that does a lot of work in D.C., the Values Voters Summit is a huge summit in Washington, D.C., that stands up for traditional values, and you have a spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center actually saying this group is no different than the Aryan Brotherhood, you’ve crossed a line,” Brown said. “It’s totally unacceptable.”

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