Catholic Conference Says Maryland Marriage Referendum Wording Misleads Voters


The Catholic Review:

"... the [Maryland Catholic Conference] says the [gay marriage] law only purports to protect religious freedoms.“According to the actual legislation, religious organizations that accept any sort of state or federal funds are excluded from religious liberty protections. They are not exempt, and there are no protections for individuals,” the MCC said.

“Marylanders should not be fooled into thinking we can redefine marriage and still protect religious liberty,” it added.

Derek McCoy, the Maryland Marriage Alliance’s executive director, said any attempt on behalf of the state to favor same-sex marriage with its ballot language will “backfire.”

“Voters will be inherently suspicious of any description that goes to such lengths to say what supposedly isn’t impacted, rather than deal forthrightly with what obviously is impacted,” he said in a statement.

“Maryland parents who send their children to public schools are immediately asking how does this affect what is taught in schools. Business owners have a right to know if their personal opinions about same-sex marriage will find them in violation of the law,” he said.

“It’s a classic ‘pay no attention to that man behind the curtain’ moment that will make it easier for us to bring attention to the profound consequences of redefining marriage,” he added."