Poughkeepsie Journal: "Marriage Vote Hounds [Pro-SSM Senator] Saland Run"


What did we just say about the marriage movement not forgetting when their elected officials betray them on marriage? Check out this report from the Poughkeepsie Journal:

Republican Sen. Steve Saland’s vote last year to legalize same-sex marriage in New York state continues to present political hurdles in his bid for re-election to the state Senate representing the 41st district.

He already faces his first GOP primary challenge in his 32 years as a lawmaker. His opponent, Neil Di Carlo of Brewster, includes in campaign literature a promise “to work tirelessly to restore the institution of marriage to its rightful place.”

Just recently, Di Carlo successfully initiated a write-in primary for the Conservative Party ballot line by filing the required number of voter signatures with the state Board of Elections.

Saland’s vote for same-sex marriage cost him the Conservative Party endorsement for his re-election bid — for the first time in his 12 state Senate campaigns. Di Carlo, though, also failed to gain the endorsement of party leaders despite his opposition to same-sex marriage.

... Richard Van Slambrouck, a Town of Poughkeepsie resident, was one of those who signed Di Carlo’s petitions. He said he will vote for Di Carlo to send a message to Saland, who for years took a stand against same-sex marriage.

“A lot of us were really put out by his vote,” Van Slambrouck said. “We are hoping to show him our dissatisfaction.”