New York Retirement Party! Help Send the Turncoat Senators Packing on September 13th!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

In 2011, NOM promised that the Senators from New York who betrayed their constituents by voting in favor of same-sex marriage would face political consequences.

Since that time, we've worked concertedly to flush these slippery traitors out of the tall grass and send them packing. Now it's time to finish what we started. Senators Mark Grisanti and Roy McDonald have read the writing on the wall: they're furiously raising and spending piles of cash, trying to slither unnoticed past the voters. But voters are good at spotting a snake.

We need your urgent help to make sure that these Senators face up to the consequences of their betrayals and slippery dealings. They're using the money that bought their votes for SSM in order to get reelected, but we can defeat them with the help of your immediate contribution! Can you give us $50, $100, or $200 today to finish what we started in the Empire State?

With the primary elections just three weeks from now, we need to make sure that voters across New York State are reminded that these two senators betrayed them, flip-flopped on their campaign promises, and helped Mayor Bloomberg and his elite cronies in the media and on Wall Street impose a redefinition of marriage on the whole state!

We're kicking into high gear to get this message out, with targeted ad campaigns, mailings, phone calls, and billboards, so that Senators Grisanti and McDonald won't be able to hide from the voters on the question of SSM. They will answer for what they did, to the tune of losing their seats to candidates with the courage to stand up for their constituents, who won't sell them out and cash in with the liberal elite. But we can't make this happen without your immediate help!

Please send your generous contribution of $50, $100, or $200 today so that we can work on your behalf to hold these Senators accountable for selling out their values, their constituents, and their State!

Together, we'll make this election cycle one to remember, and send a message to the whole country that New Yorkers know marriage is solely the union of one man and one woman, and that any politicians and judges who try to foist their own liberal agenda on the American people will eventually have to answer to the voters!

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