$1 Million GOP Campaign Asks Swing State Catholic Democrats if They Support Obama on Gay Marriage


From their press release:

The Republican Union Pac launched a series of grassroots campaigns aimed at convincing conservative Democrat, Catholic voters to vote Republican in the November elections this fall.  Republican Union Pac’s million dollar expenditure is tailored to appeal to disenfranchised Democrats in economically-challenged, heavily Catholic neighborhoods within mid-sized to large cities in Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Dozens of billboards have been erected in these areas by Republican Union Pac with the message “Obama Supports Gay Marriage & Abortion.  Do You?  Vote Republican.”

James J. Brazil, one of Republican Union Pac's founders who is himself a Catholic Democrat said, "Catholic Democrats crossed over to support Ronald Reagan in 1980 against Jimmy Carter and Republican Union will be successful in making a similar case for Catholics to vote Republican this November.”

...Republican Union Pac Spokesman Bo Harmon said, "Republican Union intends to follow up this initial outreach with a targeted boots on the ground effort going person to person, neighborhood to neighborhood.  This personal outreach to voters who have been abandoned by the out of touch policies of the current Democratic leadership will be what determines our success."