Doug Mainwaring on The Myth of the Same Sex Marriage Mandate


Via the Potomac Tea Party report:

... The author, Doug Mainwaring, is a principled conservative residing in Montgomery County, MD who is gay...

When did it become controversial not to support same sex marriage? And why is there now such an enormous push across our nation toward its normalization?

The national conversation about the issue of same sex marriage has been aggressively fused with the issue of gay rights. Many media commentators, politicians, and lobbyists easily conflate the two issues, promoting the notion among the general public that those who oppose same sex marriage are unsophisticated, bigoted and homophobic. This is a disingenuous impugnment: One can be completely supportive of gays while being opposed to gay marriage.

The issue of same sex marriage has been hijacked by politicians and ideologues in the interest of pursuing broader political gain.

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