Prof. Robert George: Cardinal Dolan's DNC Invite Contradicts Myth that Marriage Defenders are Bigots


Prof. Robert George writes in the Wall Street Journal that the Democratic National Committee's choice to invite Cardinal Timothy Dolan to give a benediction at their convention this week makes an important point, namely:

"...Since no minimally decent political party would let a bigot or misogynist take the podium at its convention—much less bless the proceedings—accepting the cardinal's offer to appear amounts to an implicit but unmistakable concession that there's no bigotry in opposing the redefinition of civil marriage, nor any misogyny in fighting for the unborn. 

...the Democrats are, whether they like it or not, sending an implicit signal of their own. The cardinal's presence confounds efforts by the abortion-rights and gay-marriage movements to stigmatize and marginalize those who refuse to fall into line.

Some on the left fear that Cardinal Dolan will use the platform that the Democrats are providing to preach about the right to life of unborn children and the importance of preserving traditional marriage. He doesn't have to do that. He will make his point and achieve his goal just by showing up."