AP Report Last Week Admitted Rhode Island Elections a Mini Referendum on Marriage


As we've reported, the defeat of five out of six Rhode Island Senate candidates who supported same-sex marriage during the Democratic primaries last Wednesday was a mini referendum on marriage.

The Associated Press agrees -- or at least they did before the elections took place:

"...While jobs and Rhode Island’s battered economy continue to loom large in the minds of voters and candidates alike, a quiet battle over gay marriage in this year’s legislative races could significantly alter the makeup of the General Assembly while potentially determining whether Rhode Island joins Connecticut, Massachusetts and four other states in recognizing gay marriage.An energized and well-organized coalition of marriage supporters are backing candidates that they hope will tilt the legislature in favor of same-sex marriage...

... Advocates are betting that if enough supporters of gay marriage are elected to the Senate Paiva Weed will agree to hold a vote. ‘‘It would be the responsible thing to do for Senate leadership to move forward with this issue,’’ Sullivan said.

Paiva Weed did not respond to multiple requests for an interview. Her spokesman, Greg Pare, said Paiva Weed believes it is ‘‘premature’’ to speculate as to what the Senate will do with same-sex marriage.

Premature indeed -- thanks to the pro-marriage results of the primary!