New York Celebrities Raise Money for Maryland as New York Flop-Floppers Go Down in Defeat


The pro-SSM glitterati of New York were too busy last Thursday evening fundraising for gay marriage for Maryland to notice the Republican flip-floppers they had paid off last summer were going down in electoral defeat in their own backyard:

Susan Sarandon attended Thursday's fundraiser to push gay marriage in MD

In one corner, comedian Sandra Bernhard, wearing a sparkly black skirt, chatted with a longtime fan. In another, Broadway producer Paul Boskind made a pitch to Susan Sarandon. Somebody shouted that Josh Charles had just arrived.

"This is a hip crowd, this is chic," said Richard Socarides, a lawyer and gay rights activist who did a stint in the Clinton White House. "This is a crowd for a movie premiere, not a ballot initiative in Maryland, of all places."

The occasion Thursday evening was a big-ticket fundraiser atop a SoHo hotel to support the campaign to uphold Maryland's same-sex marriage law, which goes to voters in November. About 200 guests paid between $250 and $25,000 to mingle for two hours with celebrities, munching on shrimp and caviar hors d'oeuvres.

Donors from across the country are expected to use their checkbooks to weigh in on Maryland's same-sex marriage referendum. Groups supporting same-sex marriage are making a concerted effort to raise more money nationally to help break a string of defeats at ballot boxes in other states. -- The Baltimore Sun