Conservative Stars Santorum and Jindal to Join Effort to Oust Pro-SSM Iowa Supreme Court Justice


The Sioux City Journal:

Conservative activists campaigning to defeat Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins in Iowa’s Nov. 6 judicial retention vote are enlisting the help of some big-name Republicans.

Leaders of Iowans for Freedom, a project of the Pleasant Hill-based Family Leader organization, announced Tuesday that former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum -- who won the Iowa caucus in January -- and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will participate in a statewide “No Wiggins” bus tour designed to focus opposition to judicial activism.

... “The judiciary’s usurpation of authority in recent years is completely unacceptable,” Santorum said in a statement. “It is obviously clear the people’s Constitution gives the judicial branch the least power, and yet these appointed judges continuously legislate from the bench whether it is gay marriage in Iowa, collective bargaining in Wisconsin, or resulting in the death of millions of lives caused by the opinion of Roe v. Wade.”

The “No Wiggins” bus tour -- sponsored by CitizenLink, Patriot Voices, the Family Leader, the National Organization for Marriage and -- seeks to mobilize opposition among Iowa voters to oust Wiggins.