Minnesota Archbishop: "Stand Up For the Truth [of Marriage] --Always With Love-- Especially When it May be Difficult."


Archbishop John Nienstedt encourages Minnesota Catholics to support marriage:

"...Minnesota for Marriage needs your help to get the message out. We must ensure that Minnesotans know what is at stake and have the correct information about why they should vote “Yes” for the marriage amendment. (Remember that if you leave the ballot box blank, the government votes “No” for you!).

I urge all Catholic faithful to stand up for the truth —always with love — especially when it may be difficult.  Let us pray that our actions are guided by both the virtues of courage and charity.

The Catholic bishops of Minnesota are united in their efforts to keep marriage defined as between one man and one woman, and we have been joined by many of our ecumenical brothers and sisters of other faiths. That is why I encourage you to join us in voting “YES” on Nov. 6 to keep our state strong in its defense of marriage."

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