Washington State Bishop: Marriage is "God's Plan"



Voter approval of Referendum 74 and legalization of same-sex marriage would mark a rejection of “God’s plan” and what the creator has done since the creation, the Catholic bishop of Spokane argues in a new missive entitled “Believing in Marriage.”

The article by Bishop Blase J. Cupich comes simultaneously with a pastoral letter by Washington’s four Catholic bishops laying out a case of why the faithful should reject marriage equality on the November ballot.

It is Cupich’s second statement, and ends with the most sweeping and harsh denunciation yet heard on the issue:

“On Nov. 6, the citizens of the state of Washington will be asked to decide the fate of Referendum 74 and the law that has redefined marriage.  As members of the community of Jesus’ disciples the decision before us is about much more than one’s politics, one’s partisan affiliation, the debates about rights or being sympathetic to trends in society.

“It is about what we believe God has been doing from the creation of the world and how.  He invites us to be partners in continuing His work until the end of time through the decisions we make.”

As seen in Bishop Cupich’s reflections, posted on the Diocese of Spokane web site, Catholic prelates in Washington state have stepped up rhetoric over the last two weeks.

Bishop Joseph Tyson of Yakima told pastors that envelopes soliciting contributions to Protect Marriage Washington — the group opposing Ref. 74 — would be placed in the pews of the 41 parishes of the dioceses.