New Liberal Polls Show Support for Gay Marriage Declining in Maine!


The latest polls shows its close in Maine, with support for gay marriage declining! This latest Maine People's Resource Center poll oversampled Democrats by six points and still found declining support for Question 1:

The poll released today shows a decline in support for gay marriage, at least when compared to a June survey conducted for MaineToday Media.

A poll released today shows 53 percent of Mainers support a ballot question that would allow same-sex marriage, 43 percent oppose it and 4 percent are undecided.

The Maine People’s Resource Center, which is affiliated with the liberal advocacy group the Maine People’s Alliance, conducted the poll Sept. 15 through Sept. 17. The margin of error on the 856 person sample is 3.35 percent.

Those polled were asked: “If there were a referendum held today that asked “Do you want to allow the State of Maine to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples” How would you vote?”

The poll released today shows a decline in support for gay marriage, at least when compared to a June survey paid for by MaineToday Media. -- Online Sentinel

The Democrat-leaning Public Policy Poll just released today includes even more good news for supporters of marriage in Maine:

"Maine voters are leaning towards legalizing gay marriage, but it looks like it will be probably be close. 52% of voters say that they plan to vote yes on Question 1 to 44% who are opposed. When we ask simply whether or not voters think same sex marriage should be legal, 52% say it should be while 40% think it should not. Our experience in polling these kinds of issues is that undecided usually means no so this really should be seen as a toss up with gay marriage supporters barely over the 50% mark- there's not a lot of room for error in the final seven weeks."

Back in March the same PPP poll had gay marriage up in Maine 54%-41%.

And, for the sake of comparison, at roughly the same time as this in the Prop 8 campaign polls were showing gay marriage ahead 55%-38%. The final result was Prop 8 winning 52%-48%.

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