4 Minnesota Churches Vandalized With "Jesus Was Gay" Posters


The press report buries the fact that the message posted at these churches involved homosexuality and four out of the five churches publicly support the Marriage Protection Amendment:

Police are searching for the person responsible for vandalizing multiple churches in Buffalo, Minn., over the weekend.

The Buffalo Police Department responded to incidents at several local churches between Saturday and Monday, with four of those incidents involving placement of handwritten posters containing inflammatory messages.

Police found damage to church buildings at five locations. Police say nothing in the posters left behind referenced the upcoming marriage amendment vote, but most of the churches targeted define marriage as between a man and a woman.

... Rob Jarvis, pastor of Hosanna Lutheran, said he found a poster depicting Jesus as being gay.

“It was (the suspect’s) idea of Jesus and then describing homosexual acts, and things like that,” Jarvis said, as his church’s doors were busted out 24 hours later.