North Carolina: "Same-Sex Marriage Divides Allies" as 18% of African Americans Remain Undecided


A new Zogby poll found 18% of African Americans are undecided about who they will support in November.

Ramifications of the President's marriage flip-flop? The Charlotte Post looks at the question:

When President Obama publicly stated his personal approval of same-sex marriage, the black church went into a state of controversy.

How can you be a Christian and support homosexuality? How does a Christian support a president who believes in same-sex marriage? Where does the black church go from here with their support of the president?

These and a myriad of other questions proliferated from the hearts of clergy and faith leaders across the country. What do they tell their congregations?

One unfavorable response has sparked a movement that is getting the attention of congressional members. Some pastors are instructing their members to stay at home and not vote at all, rather than vote against Obama.

The recent Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference dedicated a roundtable discussion on the black church and same sex marriage.