NOM Political Director Schubert in NYT: "The More I Learned About the Marriage Issue, The More Committed I Became"


Our president Brian Brown says of our political director Frank Schubert in the New York Times that he is simply "the best in the business" and all of us could not agree more!

"...Mr. Schubert, 56, attended Catholic schools in Sacramento, Calif., where he still lives with his wife. At age 22, he was chief of staff to a Republican assemblywoman. He entered public relations and became known, in the world of political consultants, for winning dozens of issue-oriented ballot campaigns on behalf of corporations: defeating proposals to increase tobacco taxes and to require restaurants to offer health insurance to employees.

He had not thought much about the marriage issue, he said, before he was tapped in 2008 to run the Proposition 8 campaign, which was mounted by religious conservatives to override the California Supreme Court decision permitting same-sex marriage. With a budget of $40 million, more than matched by opponents, he mounted a campaign with button-pushing ads.With that victory, Mr. Schubert won national attention, and his life took a sharp turn.

“The more I learned about the marriage issue, the more committed I became,” he recalled.

He threw himself into the cause, teaming with the National Organization for Marriage, which pays him a retainer for strategic advice. Brian S. Brown, the organization’s president, praised Mr. Schubert in an interview as “the best in the business.”

This year, as his activism began to turn off corporate clients, Mr. Schubert left Schubert Flint Public Affairs, the consulting firm he founded in 2003, and started a new one, Mission: Public Affairs, which he says will be entirely devoted to social causes.

“I think God has a plan for our lives,” Mr. Schubert said of his shift."