You Won't Believe This One


An Important Message From Brian Brown

Marriage Supporter

We're not speculating when we say there will be terrible consequences if marriage is redefined in November. We're already seeing them. Let me explain.

Dr. Angela McCaskill has the distinction of being the first deaf black woman to receive a PhD from Gallaudet University, where she has served as their Chief Diversity Officer and has worked as a teacher, administrator and leader for twenty-three years.

Today she was summarily put on administrative leave while university officials "determine her future" at Gallaudet. Why? Because it was brought to their attention that she signed the petition to allow the people of Maryland to vote on same-sex marriage!

No one is safe when marriage is redefined. The architects of same-sex marriage are bent on silencing and firing those who oppose their agenda. The irony of a university putting its own chief diversity officer on leave—a woman who by all accounts has served the institution with distinction for over two decades—simply because she chose to exercise her rights as a citizen, cannot be ignored.

This is a wake up call to all of us. We all have a stake in marriage. If we want to remain a society where free speech, religious liberty and the right to participate in our democracy are respected, we need to stand for marriage.

Please visit right now to make an emergency gift so we can share Dr. McCaskill's story with more people and protect marriage at the ballot box this November. Your donation will be immediately TRIPLED through a generous double-matching grant.

And please pray for Dr. McCaskill and every courageous person who abides by the simple proposition that we all have the right to have our say on marriage.

Protecting marriage means protecting citizens like Dr. McCaskill, a woman who Gallaudet University deemed was fit to uphold the ideal of diversity in their institution and who believed that diversity includes respecting all sides engaged in the debate over marriage.

Please stand with Dr. McCaskill today by supporting our efforts to bring the question of marriage to the people in the four states voting this November.

Make your immediate gift (which will be matched with 2 additional dollars for every $1 you donate today) to to let the pro-SSM bullies and thugs know that there are still plenty of Americans who stand for marriage, free speech and the right of all people to maintain their values in the public square.

I believe you will be generous. Thank you for taking action right away.

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