Video: First VP of Pennsylvania's Federation of Democratic Women Won't Support Biden Because of His SSM Support


Charlie Speiring at the Washington Examiner on a new video released in anticipation of tonight's VP debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden:

Grassroots organization Let Freedom Ring releases a new ad criticizing Vice President Joe Biden for failing to live up to his Catholic faith by supporting same-sex marriage.

The ad features Democrat Jo Ann Nardelli, the first Vice President of the Pennsylvania State Federation of Democratic Women.

Nardelli explains that although she supported Biden in 2008, she signals disappointment that he led the charge to support same-sex marriage.

“When I heard Vice President Biden speak about same-sex marriage and I knew the platform for President Obama was same-sex marriage. I know definitely that Mama Biden would not go with,” she explains. “I as a devout Catholic could no longer uphold and stand for that platform. I had to stand up for my faith.”

She adds, “Vice President Biden, I think he sold out to the system.”

We've been informed excerpts of this video will air on the O'Reilly Factor this evening. Nardelli also includes this statement:

" I was raised in my Catholic Faith that marriage is between a man and a woman. I don’t have a problem with gays, rights to properties, or whatever these unions bring; however, it is NOT A MARRIAGE. Marriage is between a man and a woman in the Bible and I firmly believe that. Therefore, I knew I had to resign my positions, dissolve my affiliations, take a stand, and change to the Republican Party. The Republican Party’s beliefs fall more in line with my beliefs. I did not leave the Party; the Party left me!"