VICTORY: Gallaudet U. President Wants to Reinstate Dr. McCaskill


The Washington Post:

"...Last week President T. Alan Hurwitz said in a statement that given McCaskill’s job description, signing the petition was an act that “some feel is inappropriate.” On Tuesday morning, Hurwitz released another statement to clarify that he wants McCaskill to return to campus after her paid administrative leave, resolve this matter and continue as chief diversity officer. McCaskill is scheduled to hold a press conference at 2 p.m. Tuesday in Annapolis."

The beginning of his statement reads:

“I am sending this communication to indicate forcefully that Gallaudet University would like to work with its Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Angela McCaskill, to enable her to return to the community from her administrative leave.

As many know, Dr. McCaskill exercised her right to sign a petition concerning legislation on gay marriage. Because of her position at Gallaudet as our Chief Diversity Officer, many individuals at our university were understandably concerned and confused by her action. They wanted to know ‘does that action interfere with her ability to perform her job?’

I placed her on paid administrative leave as a prudent action to allow the university -- and Dr. McCaskill - the time to consider this question after the emotions of first reactions subsided. While this has become an issue beyond our campus, as President of Gallaudet University, my number one concern is our university community - our students, faculty and staff and so many others who support us. I act on their behalf, not with any agenda other than their well-being as all of us work to prepare these university students for the future. While I expect that a resolution of this matter can be reached that will enable Dr. McCaskill to continue as our Chief Diversity Officer, this will require that she and the University community work together to respond to the concerns that have been raised."