"Ahead of Gay Marriage Votes, Advocates [of SSM] Skeptical of Polling"


A good headline from Reuters that reminds us -- polls don't win elections! Hard work and those who vote win elections!

In Maryland, Maine and Washington, voters appear to be warming to the idea of legal marriage of same sex couples, raising the likelihood that come Election Day at least one of those states will join six others that have approved gay marriage.

That is, if the polls are to be believed.

Gay marriage activists suspect voters - especially those who believe marriage should be only between a man and a woman - might be unwilling to voice their true feelings in polls.

They fear there may not be as much support as polls suggest for gay marriage initiatives, particularly since many believe those in the "undecided" column will wind up in the "no" column.

The November 6 election could mark the first time that voters themselves decide same-sex marriage should be legal in their state. While six states, as well as Washington, D.C., now recognize such marriages, the change was made either by state legislatures or the courts. -- Chicago Tribune