Grisanti Opponent Has Knocked on 7,000 Doors


As Mark Grisanti continues to seek out campaign contributions from gay marriage activists in Manhattan and around the country, his challenger Charles Swanick is quietly knocking on the doors of his constituents and making his case:

Charles M. Swanick has resumed campaigning for the State Senate after losing last month’s Democratic primary for the seat held by Republican Mark J. Grisanti and, for the first time, says he would have opposed legalizing same-sex marriage had he served in Albany for the 2011 vote that approved it.

Despite the Democratic primary loss, Swanick is running as the Conservative Party candidate.

He has won elections during his political career on the Democratic, Republican and minor party lines (Conservative and Independence) in a career that included chairmanship of the Erie County Legislature.

While he acknowledged to The Buffalo News editorial board this week that he faces a “daunting” challenge, he is conducting a walking campaign that has so far taken him to the front doors of about 7,000 homes.

... “I do think the gay community was involved in this as well,” [Swanick] said, adding that Grisanti’s spending $1 million in the primary campaign also entered the picture. Grisanti voted for legalizing same-sex marriage. -- The Buffalo News

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