Photos: Thousands Join Over 75 Pro-Marriage "Flash Mobs" Across France!


The rising tide of support for marriage in France received a huge boost over the weekend!

LifeSiteNews has the story:

The first nationwide public demonstration against the French socialist government’s plan to legalize homosexual “marriage” took place today simultaneously in 75 French towns.

The events were organized by “Alliance Vita” and took the form of colorful flash mobs in well-frequented locations, attracting widespread public attention and media coverage.

In every case groups of men dressed in black and women in white separated into two groups symbolizing the fact that every child needs a mother and a father. Holding up bright pink signs saying : “Daddy, Mommy, you shouldn’t tell lies to children”, the “daddies” and “mommies” alternately helped a blundering bird – symbolizing a new-born child – to leave its nest without falling.

Meanwhile Joe Dassin’s sixties hit, “Tout bébé a besoin d’une maman” (“Every baby needs a Mommie to be loved”), and Abba’s Mamma mia were played over loudspeakers.

On the busy main square of Paris business and shopping center “La Défense,” where this author witnessed the event, most of the lookers-on seemed interested and even sympathetic to the message. Young people handing out leaflets in favor of natural marriage said at least 80% of people they spoke with reacted positively.

In many towns hundreds of “daddies and mommies” gathered to spread the message: 600 in Lyons, 400 in Rennes, as many in Bordeaux, 200 in Toulouse.

At least 1,500 joined the event in Paris, where “Alliance Vita’s” leaders addressed the crowd.

“To tell a child it has two daddies or two mommies is telling a lie. You should never lie to a child,” said Tugdual Derville, the movement’s general delegate.

“Children have a right to know their origins, they have a right to a daddy and a mommy and not respecting that when they are already hurt through being orphans is just adding further mistreatment,” he said.

You can find more photos of the Paris flash mob here.

Alliance Vita, which organized the Flash Mobs, is calling for a referendum allowing the people of France to vote on marriage.

Here is one of the organizers of the Paris event explaining their message:

One of our French-speaking supporters provides a rough translation:

”We have heard those who want the so-called marriage for everyone but we have not heard the voice of the children ...We are all born from one man and one woman ...In term of education, are we going to abolish this [idea of] natural parenting and the complementary between father and mother which we know is very precious ...Even if the government erase[s] on paper such natural parenting, it will not be erased at the level of the people."