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Marriage as a Social Justice Issue

If you live in or around Washington, DC you may want to plan to visit Georgetown University this evening for what is sure to be a fantastic lecture by NOM friend and What is Marriage? co-author Ryan T. Anderson. The title of the lecture is "Marriage as a Social Justice Issue."

Here is the description from the event page:

Ryan AndersonWhat is marriage? Why does marriage matter? What would be the consequences of redefining marriage? These are just some of the questions Ryan T. Anderson will address in his lecture on Marriage as a Social Justice Issue.  Anderson is the William E. Simon Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and co-author of the book What Is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense, cited by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito twice in his dissenting opinion on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) case. Anderson makes a secular case for marriage without appeals to theology, revelation or morality.

The lecture will be in McCarthy Hall in the McShain Large  Conference Room (37th and O St. N.W.) from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. It is free and open to the public.

RSVP on Facebook event page here.

Flock to the Capitol

“If same-sex “marriage” becomes the law in Illinois, the ramifications for our children will be disastrous.  We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines.” Illinois Family Institute

Even while NOM battles on the national stage with the IRS, the battle to protect marriage in Illinois continues on.  Our friends at the Illinois Family Institute are calling all marriage champions from all over Illinois to “Flock to the Capitol” on October 23rd for the Defend Marriage Lobby Day.

Defend Marriage Lobby DayCHILDREN will be taught implicitly and explicitly that mothers and fathers are interchangeable and that mothers or fathers are expendable…

CHILDREN need, deserve, and have a right to both a mother and a father. Social science research consistently demonstrates that children with both a mother and father fare better than do motherless or fatherless children. Mothers and fathers bring critical and different components to child-rearing. Purposely placing children in fatherless or motherless homes is tragic and will have negative consequences for future generations. Most societal ills can be traced to the breakdown of the natural family. Redefining family and marriage to include two people of the same sex will only further weaken marriage, family, and ultimately society.

They’ve even produced a 2-minute video for you to show in your church promoting this important day.

They're also helping to arrange buses to Springfield from across the region.  We encourage you to take the time on October 23rd to stand for marriage in Springfield, Illinois.

"The IRS Needs to Pay" - NOM to File Suit Today

At The Washington Times, Stephen Dinan reports that "The National Organization for Marriage will sue the IRS on Thursday, saying it has evidence that someone within the agency leaked the organization’s private donor list to its political enemies in 2012 but that nobody has been held responsible" [emphasis added].


Dinan spoke to attorney Cleta Mitchell of ActRight Legal Foundation which is handling NOM's case. She said:

Somebody did this deliberately and it was planned, and we need to know who it was. The IRS needs to pay. Ultimately, the IRS is responsible for the damages.

Dinan also quotes NOM's chairman, Dr. John Eastman, explaining how the fact that the leaked documents had internal IRS markings on that that had been hidden makes for a compelling case:

It suggests to me that this thing was deliberate and at high levels — head of the division, a political appointee, somebody. And darn it, we’re going to find out who did it, and we’re going to wrap it up with a bow and send it over to the Justice Department and keep the pressure on.

You can read Dinan's entire piece here.

And don't forget that you can hear John Eastman and Cleta Mitchell both speaking today at The Heritage Foundation as part of their ongoing series, Preserve the Constitution.

The event will be live-streamed from 12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT, and you can sign up for an email reminder here.

Oh, and the topic of the event? "Political Speech and the IRS: Protecting the First Amendment." Surely, this one is not to be missed!

Defend Marriage Lobby Day in Illinois!

If you live in Illinois, mark your calendar now! The Illinois Family Institute will be hosting the second annual Defend Marriage Lobby Day & Prayer Watch on Wednesday, October 23rd.  This is an incredibly important opportunity to stand for marriage.  The Illinois legislature is coming back into session for 3 days and homosexual-'marriage' advocates have dedicated $3 million to winning over the courageous black legislators who stood for marriage earlier this year.  Let these men and women know that you stand with them.

IFI_Lobby-Day-Oct-23-2013_2upJoin IFI and Illinois families from around the state to take a stand to protect marriage, religious freedom, parental rights and the innocence of our children! Plan to bring your family and friends AND organize your church to support this second Defend Marriage Lobby Day.

It is critically important that we have a strong showing because homosexual activists continue to press for counterfeit "marriage" (SB 10), which will affect all of society, especially children and religious freedom.  The groups pushing to pass this bill are planning to be at the Capitol on October 22nd, the day before our event. According to a 6-12-13 Windy City Times article, they have dubbed it "10.000 Families March for Marriage Equality."

Wednesday, October 23rd
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Illinois State Capitol
401 South 2nd St, Springfield, IL 62701

Download the flyer here.

Pastors Outraged Over DC Mayor's "Strike at the Fabric of the Faith Community"

Award-winning gospel recording artist and pastor Donnie McClurkin was uninvited from a Martin Luther King Memorial concert this past weekend in Washington, DC. Why? Local pastors, and McClurkin himself, insist that DC Mayor Vincent Gray heeded the demands of gay rights activists, informing McClurkin the night before the event that he was "not welcomed and uninvited":

Pastor Donnie McClurkinDonnie McClurkin, award-winning and internationally celebrated gospel recording artist and Christian minister, has claimed that he was uninvited from a MLK Memorial concert on Saturday in Washington, D.C. because Mayor Vincent C. Gray heeded the demands of gay rights activists who wanted him dropped from the event marking the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. McClurkin has previously shared that he believes God delivered him from the "sin of homosexuality" and that people with unwanted same-sex attractions can change.

McClurkin, pastor of Perfecting Faith Church in Freeport, N.J., stated in a Socialcam video: "The mayor of D.C. uninvited me from a concert that I was supposed to headline today in the Washington (National) Mall commemorating...this 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement. I was asked not to attend although I'm considered the headliner of the concert, and advertisements had been circulated and the churches as well as the community are prepared to come out by the tens of thousands into the Washington Mall (area)."

The New Jersey minister went on to reveal that he had received a phone call while on his way to the airport the night before the event and was told that he was "not welcomed and uninvited," according to promoters who had reportedly received word from Mayor Gray's office.

The Baptist Convention of the District of Columbia and Vicinity have released a statement to the press in response to Mayor Vincent Gray's actions:

Press Statement - Donnie McClurkin's Civil Rights Infringement 081113

JOIN US: Thomas Peters Benefit Concert

We can't thank you enough for the outpouring of support for our Communications Director Thomas Peters as he continues his journey toward recovery. As many of you know, Thomas sustained very serious injuries following a diving accident last month, but has made significant progress over these past weeks and continues to show great signs of improvement.

If you'd like to help out in a more significant way, please consider joining us for a benefit concert for Thomas on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14TH in Washington, DC. 100% of the proceeds will go to support the needs of the Peters family.

Thomas Peters Benefit Concert Flyer

You can keep up with Thomas' progress here on a blog set up by family and friends.

"Defending the Natural Family" Summit to Commence in Chicago August 29-31

It's a critical month for marriage in Illinois. So what better time for a "Defending the Natural Family" Summit! African American leaders, pastors, and citizens from across the state of Illinois and the nation will be gathering later this month to discuss the plight of the black family and how best to defend it.

From Christian News Wire:

Defending the Natural Family SummitOn August 29-31, 2013 Pastors, Christian Leaders, Political Activist and Concerned Citizens from across the country will convene at the Pheasant Run Inn Resort in St. Charles, Illinois to discuss, among other things, how together we begin to turn the tide in our communities amidst cultural norms and values, which have contributed to the growing attack, and subsequent breakdown, of the natural family.

The Summit, entitled Defending the Natural Family: R.I.S.E. to Rebuild the Foundation of Black America, will feature the partnership of national, state and local leaders prepared to address key issues and challenges facing, in particular, Black America. Pointing to recent efforts in Illinois by predominantly Black pastors to advert attempts to make homosexual marriage legal, Freedom's Journal Institute (FJI) president and Black Conservative Summit (BCS) organizer Eric M. Wallace, PhD asserts "the battle is not over, and the impeding of homosexual marriage is not enough. The epidemic of out of wedlock births, gang violence, abortion and school drop out rates are just a few of the symptoms of a much bigger problem plaguing the Black community."

Though, by in large, the conservative movement has been poorly branded within the African American community, Summit organizers believe the BCS's focus on defending the natural family will serve, as a catalyst for uniting and creating much needed dialogue between Black conservative leaders and the African American constituency.

Check out the list of confirmed speakers already lined up for the Summit and download the flyer here.

Photos: Hundreds Rally to Protect Marriage in Illinois!

Here are some photos of the large pro-marriage rallies that took place in Illinois over the weekend at the offices of wavering Illinois Representatives:

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 11.07.01 AM

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 11.06.55 AM

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 11.06.46 AM

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 11.07.40 AM

Please contact your Representatives in Illinois and continue to help spreading the word!

LSN: March for Marriage Planned in D.C. as Supreme Court Hears SSM Case


On March 26, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Hollingsworth v. Perry case, which will determine if Proposition 8 – the 2008 ballot initiative protecting traditional marriage in California – is constitutional or not.

Their decision will have grave implications for the entire nation.  A decision against Prop 8 would set a precedent for overturning the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and any other state restrictions on same-sex ‘marriage.’  A separate case concerning DOMA is set to be heard the following day.

As the justices begin their deliberations on what has become a defining issue of our time, supporters of traditional marriage are planning to march on the Court.  The “March for Marriage,” which will take place on Tuesday March 26, is being organized by the National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

Thomas Peters, spokesman for NOM, says the March will start at the National Mall, then proceed to the Supreme Court building and back.

“The purpose [of the march] is to show that the American people are strongly supportive of the only institution that ties mothers and fathers to their children and vice versa,” said Peters. “[W]e've got a large coalition of African-American pastors, of pro-family organizations [and] various other church groups.”

One of those organizations is Human Life International (HLI), a Catholic group that fights for traditional marriage and pro-life, pro-family causes worldwide.

Sign up to get more updates on the March for Marriage at the official website.

Amazing Video: Hundreds of Thousands Rally for Marriage in Puerto Rico!

Our earlier post containing one photo from this week's rally to protect marriage in Puerto Rico did not do the crowds justice. This panorama video taken during the rally shows the massive numbers and energy in the crowd!

We are part of something big! Learn more about our March 26 march to protect marriage at

More than 3,000 Lobby to Protect Marriage in Illinois!

Thank you to all of our supporters who joined the Defend Marriage Lobby Day in Springfield!

The Journal Star:

"...“Defend Marriage Lobby Day,” the event that bought the Grace Presbyterian contingent to Springfield, attracted more than 3,000 people, according to David E. Smith, executive director of Illinois Family Institute, based in Carol Stream, the event’s main organizer.

About five busloads from the Peoria area, including two organized by the Catholic Diocese of Peoria, attended.

... Brian Elsasser of Princeville, a Peoria County Board member who rode on one of the buses organized by the Peoria diocese, said, “I pray and I love all humankind, no matter what they do. But that doesn’t give us the right to take an institution, which was ordained by God, and change it in Illinois.”

... Bethany Baptist Church, Germantown Hills Baptist Church and Dayton Avenue Baptist Church also were among the local churches that organized trips to the lobby day.

Please continue to contact your representatives and urge them to vote NO on same-sex marriage!

Between 120,000-200,000 Rally to Protect Marriage in Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico is ardently pro-marriage! George Will writes that "91% oppose same-sex marriage".

The entire population of Puerto Rico is three-and-a-half million, so about 5% of the total population rallied to show their support for marriage:

Between 120,000 and 200,000 people blanketed the Capitol Building in San Juan, Puerto Rico, today to encourage the island's lawmakers to defend marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

Bearing signs stating “Puerto Rico stands up to defend the family,” tens of thousands of protesters called on the ruling Popular Democratic Party to turn back any measure that would redefine the family unit.

The crowd represented a significant turnout on island of three-and-a-half million. “Traffic was snarled for miles leading toward the San Jun islet as buses packed with marchers headed toward the north side of the Capitol,” according to the Puerto Rican-based Caribbean Business.

Organized in just three weeks, the cresting crowds represented people of different religious backgrounds, as well as denominations ranging from Pentecostal, Baptist, Catholic, and Disciples of Christ. (LifeSiteNews)

You can learn more about our upcoming March for Marriage at the official website and on Facebook.

VICTORY: Chick-Fil-A Sales Up $500 Million as 96 New Locations Open

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our Chick-Fil-A Appreciation program! Your efforts help demonstrate to Americans of good will that pro-marriage business owners have a right to their beliefs and we have a right to support them!

Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy’s controversial comments on “biblical” marriage last summer and the uproar that followed didn’t dampen the Atlanta company’s annual sales.

The fast food giant, the nation’s second-largest chicken chain, ended 2012 with $4.6 billion in sales — up 14 percent from $4.1 billion a year earlier. The company also opened 96 news stores, four more than the year before.

The company does not have to publicize financial results because it is privately owned. It made revenue and store growth figures available at the request of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Supporters of Cathy’s views against gay marriage and his right to express them hailed the numbers as a victory, saying a summer boycott of the chain by backers of gay marriage failed. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Marriage Supporters Around the Country Already Making Plans to Attend March for Marriage!

On the official March for Marriage page on Facebook, pro-marriage supporters around the country are sharing their plans to attend:

One person said: "Marriage March is on a TUESDAY. How PRO-marriage are you? Are you willing to rearrange your schedule to attend this event? Would you choose to drive or fly? Would you spend the night or pop in, pop out? I attended Glenn Beck's "Restore Honor" Rally a few years ago, my first time to ever visit our nation's capital. It was an experience I'll never forget. Married 36 years in July, perhaps we'll take an early anniversary trip to DC!"

A second said: "Lord willing count [us] in. We can definitely do that."

A third: "Looking at the calendar here and going to re-arrange to BE THERE!!"

A fourth: "This is Holy Week, still Lent. I don't like to travel, but I'm willing to do this as part of my Lenten Sacrifice, if I can find others to go with me. I'll start looking right away."

A fifth: "COUNT ME IN!"

Can we count you in? Sign up for more info today at!

BCN: Nearly One Million March for Marriage in Paris

Actually, event organizers peg the attendance at over 1,000,000:

World Congress of Families (WCF) hailed Sunday's march for traditional, natural marriage in Paris. WCF Managing Director Larry Jacobs commented: "Hundreds of thousands marched in Paris yesterday, in bitterly cold temperatures, to oppose plans by President Francois Hollande to force a bill legalizing so-called same-sex marriage through the parliament. Yesterday's march, supported by the French Catholic hierarchy, was an impassioned outpouring in defense of marriage, children, and the natural family. It demonstrates, once again, that the push for 'same-sex marriage' is driven by elites and rejected by the overwhelming majority of families worldwide."

...Jacobs concluded: "We congratulate the organizers of the Paris march and declare our solidarity with efforts to defend natural marriage in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and wherever such efforts are underway. Just as the campaign to undermine marriage . . . is international in scope, the defense of natural marriage must stretch across national boundaries to embrace families everywhere." (Breaking Christian News)