6 Days Left! Grisanti on the Run!


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Senator Mark Grisanti—one of the four turncoat Republicans who voted for same-sex marriage last year—is on the run.

And not just to save his job...he's running from the truth!

NOM PAC New York has promised to hold Grisanti and the other turncoat senators accountable for their vote. We've already had tremendous success—please help finish the job with a last-minute contribution today!

At a debate last week with his two opponents in the 21st Senate District, Grisanti flat out lied about his record on same-sex marriage, claiming that he "did not campaign against marriage equality in 2010," when challenged for flip-flopping on the issue.

In 2008, I personally had a phone conversation with him in which he pledged support for marriage and gratefully accepted money from NOM. Two years later, in 2010, former Erie County executive Joel Giambra, credited with orchestrating Grisanti's successful senate campaign, attributed Grisanti's victory in part to voter's concern about his opponent's support for same-sex marriage.

The record is clear: Mark Grisanti pledged to support marriage, then changed his vote in exchange for power and campaign contributions.

And now he is outright lying to the people of Western New York so he can continue to cash in.

Don't let it happen!

The New York Senate Republican Campaign Committee knows its majority is at risk, and has pumped more than a half million dollars into Grisanti's reelection effort, including $350,000 in just the past month. Despite being massively outspent, NOM-backed Conservative Party candidate Charles Swanick is waging an effective grassroots campaign, knocking on more than 7,000 doors in the district and reaching out directly to voters.

Many New Yorkers are digging out from Sandy's aftermath, waiting for power to be restored, and working to repair their homes. But for those of us who were spared major damage from the storm, our investment today is all the more critical. Please make a generous contribution to the NOM PAC New York today.

We've already helped New Yorkers fire two of the four Republicans who voted for same-sex marriage. Help finish the job on November 6th! We can pull it off, but only with your generous help to fund our get out the vote efforts in these final days of the campaign.

Thank you.

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Cumulative donations of more than $99 to NOM PAC NY are reported to the State of New York as required by law.

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