Our Opponents are Spooked


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

No one likes being the bearer of bad news—certainly I don't! But I have to tell you what our opponents are up to in the four states voting on marriage next Tuesday.

You see, they are spooked by recent polls showing us with momentum on our side, and so they have unleashed an avalanche of lies and harassment in a desperate attempt to score their first state victory and avoid four more crushing defeats.

Can you help us push back with the TRUTH? Please chip in $15, $25 or $50 today to STAND FOR MARRIAGE AMERICA so we can overcome their last-minute lies.

Here's just a sample of the myths and falsehoods our opponents are filling the airwaves (and your mailboxes) with every day:

In Washington State, our opponents are airing ads claiming that if we do not redefine marriage, individuals in a same-sex domestic partnership will be denied hospital visitation rights (Washington law says they cannot be denied).

Our opponents are sending out mailers to senior citizens claiming they will lose their health care and pay higher taxes on their Social Security benefits if gay marriage is not legalized (the Washington State Secretary of State Voters Guide refutes their claim, and the media says the claims are "misleading" and fail the "political smell test").

In addition, a man has been arrested and charged with a hate crime for his attack on a grandmother who was volunteering to protect marriage. Our allies have set up a Facebook album showing the "vandalism, vulgarities and violence" perpetuated by our opponents throughout this campaign. And gay marriage activists have been caught red-handed with dozens of stolen Reject R-74 yard signs in their possession.

Now do you see what I mean? This is what we are up against.

I'm counting on you to make an emergency gift to help us combat their LIES with the TRUTH about marriage. Your $25, $50 or $75 will be put to immediate use in the four states voting on marriage.

(I'm happy to report we have raised over $75,000 from almost 900 donors like you!)

Can you bear to hear more bad news?

In Maine, a family-run farm had to take down one of our "Vote NO on Question 1" signs after they encountered harassment and intimidation from gay marriage activists. They were targeted simply for sharing their Christian beliefs on marriage.

In Maryland, the chief diversity officer of Gallaudet University, the first African-American, deaf woman to receive a PhD from that institution, was summarily put on leave simply because she signed a petition to allow the people of Maryland to vote on marriage.

In Minnesota, our opponents are claiming that there is "no difference" between children raised by their mom and dad, and children raised by any two people, when the latest, most extensive research indicates that nothing substitutes for being raised by your biological parents joined in marriage.

I could also share with you example after example of our pro-marriage yard signs and billboards being vandalized and defaced, in each of these four states.

I know the only way to bring an end to such lies and harassment is to score definitive victories for marriage at the ballot box across the country next Tuesday.

That is why I am asking you to give your biggest gift to date to these four campaigns. Can you donate $50, $150 or even $250 or more to help us ensure that TRUTH and GOODNESS overcomes the LIES and INTIMIDATION of the gay marriage machine?

We don't have liberal millionaires and billionaires, Hollywood celebrities or wealthy pro-gay marriage CEOs funding our campaign.

We have honest, brave people like you.

I couldn't be more proud to be part of this with you. Please respond with generosity.

Together, we will overcome the lies of our spooked opponents and counter their avalanche of distortions. We will stand up for the TRUTH of marriage—and with your help the truth will win out.

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