Maryland Resident: "Question 6 Advocates Show Vicious Side"


Fred D. Murray of Pikesville, MD writes to the Baltimore Sun:

I find it so amazing that the proponents of Question 6 say that passing this will help to promote a climate of tolerance. All the while they are attacking anyone, any organization or church that opposes it. The recent comments of those opposing the Rev. Robert Anderson and other pastors who oppose the redefining of marriage have been anything but tolerant ("Same-sex unions: What would Jesus do?" Oct. 25).

I understand that there have been threats made to him. Perhaps, this is just of glimpse of what to expect if this Question 6 becomes Maryland law. I guess we will have free speech, as guaranteed by the United States Constitution, as long as we agree with supporters of this ballot question. Looking back in history, I can imagine Patrick Henry being vilified if he opposed this law.

Proponents of Question 6, examine your heart and your methods. I will still pray for you and love you because that is what our God commands. What does your God command you to do?

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