SMOnline: "Many African-Americans Voting Against Same-Sex Marriage"


Southern Maryland Online:

At one predominantly African-American church in east Baltimore, many members are campaigning against the legalization of same-sex marriage, but still planning to vote for President Barack Obama, despite his endorsement of same-sex marriage in May.

African-Americans make up a quarter of the Maryland's electorate, and could make or break the vote for same-sex marriage in November. Many are being guided by their church leaders to vote against the legislation, but also by their communities to vote for an African-American president who has supported same-sex marriage.

"I believe what the bible says. I can't see myself preaching anything against what it says," said Pastor John Robertson, but, "Everyone should vote for candidates that fit their belief system."

Robertson, of Kingdom Light Ministries, preaches from a converted nursery room on the second floor of a school center. He felt called by God to begin a church six years ago, and now leads the roughly 70-person African-American congregation each week in services, with help from most of his family.

Many are voting for Obama and against Question 6.

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