Same-Sex Marriage Law Targets Christian Business!


National Organization for Marriage

Dear Marriage Supporter,

Jim and Mary O'Reilly run The Wildflower Inn, a small Vermont Bed & Breakfast they started in 1985 and have managed together for 25 years.

But after Vermont passed a Civil Union law in April 2000, a gathering storm darkened the horizon of the Wildflower Inn's beautiful mountain view: Jim and Mary knew they could not conduct business in violation of their Catholic beliefs, and would kindly refer same-sex couples to other establishments for their celebrations.

Jim and Mary's position was upheld by a 2005 decision of the Vermont Civil Rights Commission. But the storm would break again in 2009, when Vermont passed same-sex marriage.

Please watch this brand-new video from the Marriage Anti-Defamation Alliance to hear Jim and Mary tell you, in their own words, what happened next:

Marriage Supporter, this is not an isolated instance. This is what happens every time and in every place that same-sex marriage becomes law.

Individuals are threatened, businesses attacked, faith communities ostracized and penalized—in short, all of the consequences ensue that same-sex marriage advocates continually lie and say will never happen.

Well, we're going to put a stop to it!

Donate to the National Organization for Marriage today so that we can defend good people like the O'Reilly family against the radical imposition of a same-sex marriage regime!

With only a couple of days left until the election, you know the stakes. States will vote on marriage; legislators and judges who sold out and imposed same-sex marriage elsewhere will finally face the voters; and we'll elect the next President, whose position on marriage will dramatically influence American culture in the next four years.

The National Organization for Marriage is working hard to win in all these races, but we need your help!

Will you give today to protect marriage—$50, $500, or even $5,000—and to protect good people like Jim and Mary O'Reilly from suffering the fallout that inevitably accompanies the legalization of same-sex marriage?

You will be the difference in this election—your vote, your voice, your action, and (if you have the means to go that extra, sacrificial mile) your contribution to America's leading defender of marriage and the faith communities that sustain it.

We're counting on you today. Please walk that extra mile for marriage—for the O'Reillys, for our churches, and for our children.

God bless you and thank you for all you do to protect marriage!

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