Video: Maryland Pastors' News Conference Opposing Question 6


From the description:

Rev. Derek McCoy, Bishop Angel Nunez, Pastor John K. Jenkins, Dr. Frank Reid and other prominent faith leaders in Maryland express their support of marriage as a union between one man and one woman

Beltsville, Md. -- Pastors of diverse faith communities in Maryland will join to make their collective voices heard in urging Marylanders to vote against Question 6, which is also known as the same-sex referendum. The leaders strongly believe that people of faith not only have a right to speak out on issues that impact culture, but they also have a responsibility. Because of the importance that they place on this responsibility, the faith leaders have encouraged their congregants to be active and engaged citizens by registering to vote and speak out on issues of civic and moral importance. They encourage justice for the voiceless as they did for the murder victim Trayvon Martin. They have also recently advocated on behalf of the persecuted by demanding that Dr. Angela McCaskill be reinstated to her position at Gallaudet University after being suspended for signing the Maryland marriage petition. These faith leaders continue to be involved in a broad range of issues, making sure that moral matters facing voters in the upcoming election are addressed.

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