SHOCKING: Church Vandalized for Support of Traditional Marriage


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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Take a deep breath and then take a look at these pictures. Overnight, vandals attacked a small, 150-year old church with graffiti, leaving spray-painted swastikas to greet Pastor Steve DeGroft as he arrived this morning.

Why? Because this church in Maine took a stand for marriage.

Now ask yourself this question: Have you voted today? Have you done everything in your power to make sure that in Maine, Minnesota, Maryland, Washington, and Iowa that you or your friends and family have voted to protect marriage.

Some states require a yes vote to protect marriage; some a vote no, against, or to reject same-sex marriage.

To protect marriage:

  • In Maine Vote NO on Question 1

  • In Maryland Vote AGAINST Question 6

  • In Washington vote to REJECT Referendum-74

  • In Minnesota vote YES on Question 1 (the Marriage Protection Amendment)

  • In Iowa, vote NO on retaining pro-gay marriage Judge David Wiggins

Each of these races—in Maine, Washington, Maryland, Minnesota, and Iowa—is extremely close. And our opponents know it.

Take another look at that vandalized church. If you have not done everything in your power to get out the vote in these key states—or if you have not voted yourself—you are allowing this to occur, not just in Maine, but throughout the country.

Same-sex marriage undermines religious liberty. Many of those who wish to redefine marriage believe that churches and individuals who stand up for traditional marriage deserve to be intimidated and punished.

Will we let them?

We can't let hostility and intimidation carry the day. If you live in one of these four states, please call your friends and family right now to make sure they join you at the polls today. Perhaps you know someone in your church who might need a ride.

Whatever you can do, do it now. Stand up for marriage, religious liberty, and common decency with your vote today!

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