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SHOCKING: Church Vandalized for Support of Traditional Marriage

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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Take a deep breath and then take a look at these pictures. Overnight, vandals attacked a small, 150-year old church with graffiti, leaving spray-painted swastikas to greet Pastor Steve DeGroft as he arrived this morning.

Why? Because this church in Maine took a stand for marriage.

Now ask yourself this question: Have you voted today? Have you done everything in your power to make sure that in Maine, Minnesota, Maryland, Washington, and Iowa that you or your friends and family have voted to protect marriage.

Some states require a yes vote to protect marriage; some a vote no, against, or to reject same-sex marriage.

To protect marriage:

  • In Maine Vote NO on Question 1

  • In Maryland Vote AGAINST Question 6

  • In Washington vote to REJECT Referendum-74

  • In Minnesota vote YES on Question 1 (the Marriage Protection Amendment)

  • In Iowa, vote NO on retaining pro-gay marriage Judge David Wiggins

Each of these races—in Maine, Washington, Maryland, Minnesota, and Iowa—is extremely close. And our opponents know it.

Take another look at that vandalized church. If you have not done everything in your power to get out the vote in these key states—or if you have not voted yourself—you are allowing this to occur, not just in Maine, but throughout the country.

Same-sex marriage undermines religious liberty. Many of those who wish to redefine marriage believe that churches and individuals who stand up for traditional marriage deserve to be intimidated and punished.

Will we let them?

We can't let hostility and intimidation carry the day. If you live in one of these four states, please call your friends and family right now to make sure they join you at the polls today. Perhaps you know someone in your church who might need a ride.

Whatever you can do, do it now. Stand up for marriage, religious liberty, and common decency with your vote today!

Make it Happen! Cast Your Vote Today!

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Dear Marriage Supporter,

You've heard it from many places. As often as it is repeated, it is nevertheless true: today's election is critical to the future of our nation.

Marriage...Family...Religious liberty...All hang in the balance.

Go vote for Mitt Romney. Don't be deterred by long lines or bad weather. Marriage may not survive another four years of President Obama's continual attacks on DOMA and his efforts to stack the Supreme Court with anti-marriage radicals. But with Mitt Romney, we are on the verge of electing a NOM Marriage Pledge signer to the nation's highest office, putting a marriage champion in the White House.

If you live in one of the four states voting on marriage today, vote for marriage—and take a couple of friends with you. We need every vote.

And if you don't, contact anyone you know who does with this urgent request. This election is too important for any marriage supporters to stay home.

  • In Minnesota, vote YES on the Marriage Protection Amendment.

  • In Washington, vote to REJECT same-sex marriage.

  • In Maine and Maryland, vote NO on same-sex marriage.

These are all critical and close, close races. In many cases, a few votes here or there could make the difference between victory and defeat.

Today represents an incredible opportunity to win a tremendous victory for marriage and religious liberty in this great nation. But we need you to play your part in it.

Victory is at hand—Be a part of it right now. Go vote...and help us save marriage!

Maine Elementary Students Subjected to Graphic Homosexual Sex Instruction

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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Gay marriage activists falsely claim time and time again that legalizing same sex-marriage won't change what is taught to our children in school.

They should tell that to Kristy Howard, a mother in Maine whose child was taught about graphic homosexual foreplay during "Diversity Day" at Gorham Elementary and Middle School just last week.

"I don't want my child taught heterosexual foreplay, let alone homosexual foreplay in school," she said.

We couldn't agree more.

Parental and children's rights advocates have long pointed out that changing the definition of marriage will change what schools teach our children. Amazingly, the principal is still defending the choice to have "Diversity Day."

Watch the local news report that was filed just last night:

Gay marriage doesn't just mean it will be taught in schools in the future—it's already happening now unless we act decisively.

Marriage Supporter, I need your help RIGHT NOW. Please forward this email right away to all your friends and family. People need to know what is happening.

Please, please get this story out to your friends, family and church members via email or even better, in person—especially your friends and family in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, or Washington.

If you are on Facebook, Twitter, etc, please share it that way...anything and everything you can do to make sure this story goes VIRAL in the next 48 hours will help tremendously!

We can't let marriage be redefined because gay marriage advocates have convinced people that "it doesn't hurt anybody."

Protecting our children means voting to protect marriage.

To protect marriage, we must vote NO on Question 1 (same-sex marriage marriage) in Maine, vote YES on Minnesota's Marriage Protection Amendment (Amendment 1), and REJECT Referendum-74 (same-sex marriage) in Washington and AGAINST Question 6 (same-sex marriage) in Maryland.

Brad Pitt Donates $100K to Gay Marriage! We Can Fight Back!

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Dear Marriage Supporter,

Did you hear the news? Brad Pitt just gave $100,000 to the four campaigns fighting to impose gay marriage next Tuesday.

What's even more distressing is that Brad Pitt's own mother Jane Pitt has been the subject of death threats and a torrent of public abuse for speaking out against gay marriage, and yet her son has still chosen to double down by pushing gay marriage on the rest of the country!

I can hardly think of a better example of a liberal millionaire trying to impose his Hollywood values on all of us, no matter the consequences.

Let's fight back!

Our Stand for Marriage America campaign, which directly funds the four campaigns fighting to protect marriage, has raised almost $100,000, from almost 1,000 donors! Can I count on you to give $10, $100 or even $1,000 today?

Your contribution will help determine who has the final say on gay marriage: the $100,000 Brad Pitt just gave...or the $100,000 we raise from hundreds of pro-marriage activists like you!

This will be our last chance to fight back against the Brad Pitts of the world through Stand For Marriage America. Can I count on you to chip in at least $10 or as much as you can spare right away?

Together, we can fight back against Hollywood millionaires like Brad Pitt and, with your help, we can protect the values they are attempting to dismantle and obscure.

So please join me in standing up for marriage and for pro-marriage citizens like Jane Pitt by donating generously to these four state efforts.

Thank you for all your generosity. We are so close!

Our Opponents are Spooked

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Dear Marriage Supporter,

No one likes being the bearer of bad news—certainly I don't! But I have to tell you what our opponents are up to in the four states voting on marriage next Tuesday.

You see, they are spooked by recent polls showing us with momentum on our side, and so they have unleashed an avalanche of lies and harassment in a desperate attempt to score their first state victory and avoid four more crushing defeats.

Can you help us push back with the TRUTH? Please chip in $15, $25 or $50 today to STAND FOR MARRIAGE AMERICA so we can overcome their last-minute lies.

Here's just a sample of the myths and falsehoods our opponents are filling the airwaves (and your mailboxes) with every day:

In Washington State, our opponents are airing ads claiming that if we do not redefine marriage, individuals in a same-sex domestic partnership will be denied hospital visitation rights (Washington law says they cannot be denied).

Our opponents are sending out mailers to senior citizens claiming they will lose their health care and pay higher taxes on their Social Security benefits if gay marriage is not legalized (the Washington State Secretary of State Voters Guide refutes their claim, and the media says the claims are "misleading" and fail the "political smell test").

In addition, a man has been arrested and charged with a hate crime for his attack on a grandmother who was volunteering to protect marriage. Our allies have set up a Facebook album showing the "vandalism, vulgarities and violence" perpetuated by our opponents throughout this campaign. And gay marriage activists have been caught red-handed with dozens of stolen Reject R-74 yard signs in their possession.

Now do you see what I mean? This is what we are up against.

I'm counting on you to make an emergency gift to help us combat their LIES with the TRUTH about marriage. Your $25, $50 or $75 will be put to immediate use in the four states voting on marriage.

(I'm happy to report we have raised over $75,000 from almost 900 donors like you!)

Can you bear to hear more bad news?

In Maine, a family-run farm had to take down one of our "Vote NO on Question 1" signs after they encountered harassment and intimidation from gay marriage activists. They were targeted simply for sharing their Christian beliefs on marriage.

In Maryland, the chief diversity officer of Gallaudet University, the first African-American, deaf woman to receive a PhD from that institution, was summarily put on leave simply because she signed a petition to allow the people of Maryland to vote on marriage.

In Minnesota, our opponents are claiming that there is "no difference" between children raised by their mom and dad, and children raised by any two people, when the latest, most extensive research indicates that nothing substitutes for being raised by your biological parents joined in marriage.

I could also share with you example after example of our pro-marriage yard signs and billboards being vandalized and defaced, in each of these four states.

I know the only way to bring an end to such lies and harassment is to score definitive victories for marriage at the ballot box across the country next Tuesday.

That is why I am asking you to give your biggest gift to date to these four campaigns. Can you donate $50, $150 or even $250 or more to help us ensure that TRUTH and GOODNESS overcomes the LIES and INTIMIDATION of the gay marriage machine?

We don't have liberal millionaires and billionaires, Hollywood celebrities or wealthy pro-gay marriage CEOs funding our campaign.

We have honest, brave people like you.

I couldn't be more proud to be part of this with you. Please respond with generosity.

Together, we will overcome the lies of our spooked opponents and counter their avalanche of distortions. We will stand up for the TRUTH of marriage—and with your help the truth will win out.

Brad Pitt Contributes $100K to Each State Voting on Marriage

Despite his mother's very vocal support for marriage, her celebrity son Brad Pitt is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to redesign it.

Liberal billionaires and millionaires, and Hollywood celebrities -- that's who is bankrolling gay marriage.

Don't let them drown out your voice: visit today!

Maine Opponents of Question 1 (Gay Marriage) Raise Almost $1M in Final Weeks

We're closing the gap in Maine!

The Morning Sentinel:

Opponents of same-sex marriage raised nearly $950,000 in October, a major push toward the end of the campaign as voters get ready to head to the polls Nov. 6. 

The bulk of the money came from the National Organization for Marriage, which donated $800,000, and the Knights of Columbus, which chipped in $100,000, according to a campaign finance report filed with the state just before midnight Friday.

The influx of money brings the total for Protect Marriage Maine, the leading political action committee opposing gay marriage, to $1.4 million.

That compares to $4.3 million raised this year by Mainers United for Marriage, the primary group in support of Question 1, which brought in about $964,000 in the period from Oct. 1 to Oct. 23.

... In Maine, recent polls show support for gay marriage ranging from 52 percent to 57 percent. However, gay-marriage opponents have amped up television advertisements in recent days to try to chip away at that margin, which they believe to be below 50 percent support.

You can view the No on Question 1 Ads right here and also find out how you can help.

New Minnesota Poll Shows Marriage Amendment Keeping Lead!

A new poll which shows Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney by less than the margin of error in Minnesota also shows the Marriage Protection Amendment leading. Victory will come down to turn out and who carries the momentum through to election day:

"...Among likely Minnesota voters, 48 percent support the amendment, down 1 percentage point from late last month. Another 47 percent of Minnesotans oppose the change, the same as a month ago. Just 5 percent of voters remain undecided. Minnesota law requires any change to the Constitution to capture a majority of all ballots cast. That means a ballot in which the voter skips the question is counted as a no vote, a twist that could become critical in the deadlocked race.

The sampling also found that Minnesota's faith leaders are enormously influential.

Fully 70 percent of supporters say their religious leader helped inform their decision on the question; 26 percent say their faith leader had little or no impact. Among amendment opponents, 27 percent said a faith leader played a significant role in their position.

Both campaigns expressed confidence in their ability to win.

"The history of polling on this issue shows that support for our side is always under-represented in the polls and the position of our opponents is overstated," said Frank Schubert, campaign manager for Minnesota for Marriage, the lead group pushing the measure. "If that dynamic plays itself out in Minnesota, as I expect it will, we will have a strong win." -- StarTribune

To see the ads currently running in Minnesota click here.

This is the Whole Ball Game

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Dear Marriage Supporter

I've got more exciting news to share with you!

A month ago a poll by The Baltimore Sun showed us 10 points behind in Maryland.

This weekend their new poll revealed that we have eliminated that deficit and are now leading by a point!

With victory within our grasp, I need you to dig deep and chip in whatever you can.

Please help now with anything you can spare—your help has never been more crucial! Every dollar counts—and if you could give even just $10, $15 or $25, it will go a long way. Your gift will go directly to Maryland and the other three states voting on marriage next week.

How did we overcome a 10-point deficit in Maryland in less than four weeks?

Here is our tried-and-true winning formula:

  1. A robust, grassroots ground game of religious leaders and people of faith (in this state, we owe special thanks to the African-American churches!);

  2. Persuasive TV and radio ads that attest the goodness of marriage and warn undecided voters about the harmful consequences of redefining it;

  3. YOU! Your support and activism has always been and always will be critical.

Thanks to you, we have been able to commit an additional $400,000 to Maryland in these final days of the campaign.

These resources are helping us air our ads to the undecided voters who will decide this contest.

But in order to get these ads out there, we've been forced to empty our coffers.

Because this is the whole ball game!

So please help us with an emergency gift for marriage today! With your help, we have already overcome a 10-point deficit, and the race is now neck-and-neck.

Your last-minute gift can help us over the top. If you have the means, can you up your planned contribution to $50, $100 or even $250? Maryland and the four states voting on marriage need your immediate assistance!

Thank you for what you have done; thank you in advance for what you will do!

High Stakes: SCOTUS to Decide Taking Prop 8 & DOMA

A reminder that the stakes couldn't be higher for marriage right now -- news reports today confirm that the Supreme Court will in all likelihood announce it is taking up lawsuits involving Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act later this month.

That's why it's so important that marriage head into the Supreme Court with a perfect winning record.

Find out how you can help at

Video: No on 6 Ad: "We Will Not Be Intimidated"

Via Maryland Marriage Alliance:

"Ceci Royals a Maryland resident talks about the intolerant language of proponents of Same-sex marriage activists."

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Vote NO on 6 Ad: "Parents Have No Rights"

A new ad from the Maryland Marriage Alliance on what happens when same-sex marriage is legalized:

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Video: New NO on 1 Ad in Maine: "Local Schools"

Check out the latest video released by Protect Marriage Maine:

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