Biggest French March in Support of Marriage to Take Place This Sunday!

The largest pro-marriage demonstration to date in France is schedule to take place this Sunday!

Here's a rough English translation of one of the rally posters (below):

"THE RALLY FOR ALL -"All born from one man and one woman - Call to all citizens and elected official against the project of law "Marriage and adoption for all [same-sex couples]" - Daddy and Mommy, there is nothing better for a child"

This is an interactive map for people coming by buses, trains or who are flying (in case you have friends and relatives in France or nearby who wish to attend).

Here is an article in a magazine called The Christian Family promoting the rally translated into English by Google.

Here is a link for buying items promoting the campaign. Products were sold out when we last checked the link!

Meanwhile, a French version of the "Marriage = Biology, Not Bigotry" video has been viewed over 70,000 times and has 2-1 Likes over Dislikes.

These are all encouraging signs of a strong, diverse and grassroots pro-marriage movement in France!