UK Coalition for Marriage Hands Out One Million Leaflets in Swing Precincts


More massive mobilization for marriage, this time in Britain.

This from a gay news source in the UK:

Photo: CoalitionForMarriage Flickr

One million leaflets against government’s plans to legalise marriage equality are being sent out to voters in constituencies marginal on the issue by an anti-equal marriage campaign group which has deemed the plans “undemocratic”.

The target of the campaign are 65 MPs, who are seen as key in an upcoming vote on the government’s plans for equal marriage. The leaflets aim to push MPs to vote against the measure.

PinkNews understands that MPs will debate and vote on the government’s equal marriage plans for England and Wales before next month’s Valentine’s Day.

The one million leaflets were prepared by the Coalition for Marriage (C4M), a campaign group against the government’s plans.

The leaflets were being delivered door to door, and campaigners had been handing them out on the streets of marginal constituencies in the south west, and plan to visit others ahead of the vote.

The leaflets contain photographs and contact details of local MPs, with text urging voters to lobby them in a bid to have the legislation rejected when it comes to a vote in parliament, reports the Christian Institute. (PinkNews)